Does Your Home Need Re-piping?


Does Your Home Need Re-piping?

Re-piping home is no small task. It requires considerable time, money, and effort. In addition, re-piping home can force your family to stay in a hotel for some days or restrict them to a small area of the house. However, delaying this difficult task isn’t the solution. Continually utilizing unsuitable pipes can affect other structural elements of your home. This can lead to a greater investment of time, money, and effort. As a homeowner, you must keep an eye as well as both ears on the following signs that indicate the time for re-piping your home.

Sign #1 – Poor Water Pressure

The water you receive in your home contains various minerals. Even if it isn’t hard water, some minerals still pass through the pipes of your home. Over time, these minerals can deposit, narrowing the pipe’s circumference. This results in poor water pressure. Your home needs re-piping if you receive poor water pressure in every faucet.

Sign #2 – Leaking Pipes

Pipes can leak for various reasons. However, when most pipes leak, you must consider re-piping home.
Leaking pipes is one of the most dangerous signs as it can lead to various issues for your home’s health. Leaking pipes can damage the ceiling, walls, and roof. They can also lead to pest and mold growth in your home.

Sign #3 – Noisy Pipes

The rattling and gurgling of pipes is not something you can ignore. It is a serious sign of a re-piping home that indicates poor pipe health and several plumbing issues. Rattling and gurgling pipes are at greater risk of leaking or bursting.

Sign #4 – Rusty Water

Rusty water, i.e., yellow, brown, or red-colored water, is a clear indication of minerals depositing in your home’s pipes. With time, the sediment minerals can chip away, coloring the water you receive from the faucets. Rusty water can also smell funky and metal-like.

Sign #5 – Frequent Clogs

Toilet paper, wipes, baby diapers, and sanitary products can lead to the clogging of pipes. However,
pipes also lose their efficiency over time, no matter how much or little they are used. This is because
external factors like weather, temperature, and maintenance impact pipes significantly.
The buildup of soap, skin flakes, hair, dirt, food waste, and grease in the pipes over time can make them prone to clogging even if indestructible items are not flushed through the pipes. External factors, such as cold and humidity, can also hasten the buildup of products draining into the pipes.

Call Harry Hayes Plumbing for Re-piping Home

Residential plumbing pipes last anywhere from twenty to seventy years. The exact lifespan of pipes in a particular home can depend upon the material from which they are made, the overall maintenance of
the home, and their usage. If you are unsure when to take home re-piping, call a professional plumbing
service like Harry Hayes Plumbing.

At Harry Hayes Plumbing, our expert plumbers can inspect and identify when you must re-pipe your
home. When the time comes, we will re-pipe your home efficiently, informing you of the cost, time, and labor required in advance. Call us at (904) 447-0143 to schedule an appointment today.